Honda S2000 powered by electric engine build by High School student

What do you do with a car that you bought a few years ago and now want to tinker with its heart? You change the whole drive system into electric powered one and that too a potent one when the speed is considered. [Juan], a Senior High School student, did the same with his Honda S2000 as he converted it into one powered by electric batteries. He used battery packs each one of them having 4 cells in parallel with the capability to produce 686 kilowatt power which is equivalent to 920 horsepower. The important thing was that the bloke managed to build the drive train based on the whole setup having 85% efficiency, meaning that the car will have 782 horsepower and 1500 ft/lbs of torque.

The battery is made from A123 20Ah prismatic cells arranged in 8 modules having 52 cells each combined using 4p/104s pattern. To connect this battery powered engine onto the drive train a drive shaft that [Juan] ordered from a drive shaft shop came 3 inches short of what was desired yet he managed to fix it somehow.

Via: HackADay



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