iControlPad2 open source game controller for just about any device you own

Love gaming on your handheld, well even I do, and that’s just one reason I was fascinated by the iControlPad when it first appeared about a year ago. The unique controller that connected with phones to play games now gets an open source upgrade in iControlPad2. The new compact, keyboard-enabled, programmable, open-source, Bluetooth controller can be used with any kind of device – the iControlPad2 not only ties up with the smartphones and tablets, but can also be used with anytime from a USB Stick computer to a robot or a set-top box to a Raspberry Pi.

Just because the iControlPad2 is open source – you don’t have to worry about buying a new controller every time you purchase a new device now, just upgrade the hardware and use the iControlPad2 for playing games just endlessly. Equipped with keyboard with 55 keys, twin analogue nubs, Dpad, shoulder buttons and battery with 14 hours backup, the iControlPad2 can be quickly flipped back around the phone in case you have to urgently switch to phone mode while playing games on it – you can see what I mean in the video below. In case iControlPad2 is what you’d want, then head over to the Kickstarter website where the project is up looking to raise money to go into production.

Via: KickStarter/Geeky-Gadgets



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