Quantigraphic Camera bring high precision HDR vision for your eyes

We could soon be on the verge of wearing ultra-high-tech camera’s right in front of our eyes for enhanced vision and ensuring the right amount of light entering our sensitive eyes. Products like the special purpose helmets used by welders do mask the light filtering it out but the downside is that you aren’t able to see details on which you are working. Now a group of researchers from EyeTap Personal Imaging Lab at the University of Toronto have invented a solution to this anomaly and they do it by using cameras. Their creation headed by the proponent of the idea Professor Steve Mann (pioneer of modern HDR photography) called as Quantigraphic Camera is capable of enhancing human eye vision with a sci-fi fiction like camera (like the one in movies) that attempts to clear out the vision in front of the wearer courtesy high dynamic range imaging.

Using the camera eyewear one could see small details like never before in HDR imaging footage at 125fps combined with high dynamic range view using cameras set to different exposures values. The application of such an enhanced vision could come handy for welders who thereby could work with more precision and accuracy. Other uses could come in handy for elderly people with deleted vision due to age and also for military missions where the soldiers need to have a very clear and enhanced vision while being in the battlefield.

Via: PetaPixel



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