All wooden electric car built in China is greenest ever

Seen at China Eurasia Expo, the Umut is a hand made all wooden car powered by an electric motor. Measuring four meters long, the Umut built and developed in Urumqi city of China, has chassis, steering wheel and body all made from wood and is fitted in with a cool electric engine that’s good to take the car to a top speed of 60km/h. The Umut can go up to 150km on a single charge and is good to be a family car that can house seven people comfortably.

Priced at 300.000 yuan (approx. $ 47.000), the Umut has very basic but really crafty wooden interior however, the wooden seats of the car maybe little too taxing for long trips. If you’ve already planned to take home the Umut, just wait, the Umut isn’t street legal, but take heart from the fact that all the wood used in the car can be recycled. What? I hear, you want the Umut to ride on the golf course?

Strangest thing however is the Umut makers don’t have a website, so in case you want to order one, you’ll have to dial the number on the license plate of the Umut in the picture above.

Via: CarNewsChina



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