3D printed San Francisco Day & Night Cityscape watch is cool

Wrapping a cool wrist watch as one of your essential accessories is the drill for you geeks there and to quench your thirst for coolest watches out there we have something. The watch has Swiss movement and is designed in Cali while the manufacturing of not more than 5000 limited edition versions is planned to be done in Hong Kong and Cali. Paul Youngblood has a passion for designing watches and deep love for night cityscapes which inspire much of his creative work, so he decided to come up with his own version of San Francisco DAY & NIGHT & NIGHT watches. As the name suggests it has a dial that represents the awe-inspiring view of cityscapes in San Francisco and the watch is 3D printed which explains the millimeter perfect design cues. Having a waterproof casing upto 300 plus feet, this bright metallic (Day/HC) and Dark metallic (Night) is almost complete in its prototype stage.

Amazingly each building in the skyline has been individually recreated in 3D CAD program and plenty of additional time perfecting the designs details. Being up on Kickstarter platform and already having achieved the goal of $15,000 funding money requirements to push the watch into production, San Francisco DAY & NIGHT & NIGHT watch looks good to mesmerize the world come December 2012/January 2013.

# San Francisco DAY & NIGHT & NIGHT watch in action

Via: 3Ders



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