Huge NES controller made from Lego bricks requires mammoth arms

Have a look at this huge NES controller made from Lego bricks and the required electronics which make it fully functional. Brainchild of Julius Alexander aka The Baron von Brunk, this humungous controller spans across 60 inches and when it will be complete you can actually take control of your favorite Nintendo games using it. But the question is how the hell in this world is one person going to control every damn control on this thing especially when the controls are so far stretched away from each other? But that doesn’t take anything away from this unique Lego DIY creation which is quite impressive.

Made from over 8000 Lego bricks the project is set for completion soon with all the controller elements put over a large folding table and the buttons soldered to the controller to function just as they would do on a normal sized controller.

Via: TechHive



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