Steampunk Cigar Desk featuring the Steampunk cigars will smoke you away

Made completely from antique parts, this Steampunk desk built for General Cigar LTD, by Dr. Grymm Laboratories is one for the tradeshows and a part of promotion strategy for new Foundry Steampunk Cigars. Having many movable and functioning parts like pedal powered set of gears, 5.1 surround system running via a MP3 player having custom sound designed by Mark Davis, Automotron hands on conveyer belt working dimable lights fitted with Edison bulbs and amazingly a steam powered engine that releases a blast of steam just to take the onlookers by surprise. Now coming onto the Steampunk cigars it in a way looks like being inspired by the Victorian era with Steampunk elements incorporated not only in the desk but the cigars too.

Targeted for the elite cigar lovers the premium brand gives a quantum leap into the future of artistry handmade cigars. The cigar is wrapped in wrappers that are eight years old with additional five tobaccos from four different countries. So just sit back and enjoy the Foundry Steampunk Cigar Desk in pictures as it blows the steam out of your nose.

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