Limited Edition Ultra guitar inspired by Steve Vai’s Ultra Zone album cover

The Draco guitar by Emerald Guitars we featured a few months ago was damn impressive and now the niche guitar maker has upped the ante with the Ultra Guitar. The inspiration for this six string Ultra guitar came from the cover of Steve Vai’s Ultra Zone album and Steve is going to play it on tour during his concerts across USA. To emulate every single detail of the guitar featured on the cover there are same pickups, hardware, coloring, lasers and LEDs. Further to complete the look it is put in the same pod case similar to the original one.

Each of the 100 Limited Edition Ultra guitar’s is made by Emerald custom shop by Alistair and his team with exactly the same specifications as the one Steve Vai owns. The neck is made from carbon fiber material and the rest of the body is draped in carbon/glass composite with frets constructed from stainless steel material. The guitar bridge is Steinberger trans trem and the paint used is chameleon color shifting one for that amazing visual effect. It is pretty evident that die-hard guitar fans who happen to listen to Steve Vai would give anything for this amazing guitar.

# Ultra guitar inspired by Steve Vai’s Ultra Zone cover album



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