Gaza’s taxi driver makes $1000 electric vehicle from recycled material

The world is going through a major fuel crisis and in countries like Gaza where the living conditions are not that good you normally wouldn’t expect innovation to unearth. Kudos to a 32-year old taxi driver, Munther-al-Qassas, who has built his own electric vehicle which apparently is Gaza’s first ever electric vehicle, be it from an independent automobile manufacturer or home-made one. The electric vehicle is made completely from recycled material and Munther made it in a workshop on his home roof. The electric vehicle cost him around $1000 (less than 800 Euros) to make which is quite a lot to invest considering the situation in Gaza.

It is interesting to note that Munther has a degree in political science with only basic knowledge of automotive parts or battery powered things. Probably it is his love for driving and the inspiration to build an electric taxi that would be a lot less cheap and save him from cuing up at the gas station for fuel, which eventually made him interested on venturing out on this project. The car’s frame is made from wood and the tires used were taken from an old wheelbarrow. The EV can notch up only 12 mph on the speedometer carries two people and has to be charged for five hours using electric cable which gives it a run time of four hours on a stretch.

# Gaza’s first ever electric vehicle

Via: Inhabitat



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