Is this Prototype Triangle Numero 1 T-shirt made from wood geeky ?

Fashion keeps evolving each day and more often than not it goes around in a circle with age old fashions coming to the fore front as designers want to showcase something different than the usual league. In a world dominated by clothing made from synthetic and hybrid fabrics, French Designer Pauline Marcombe has come up with a new concept for future clothing having wood as the fabric. Her futuristic T-shirt design called Prototype Triangle Numero 1 does look uncomfortable to wear and is made by linking wood sheets together in a particular shape to fit anyone.

The wood is laser cut into slabs and joined together with wire for that perfect fit, well sort of when you consider that it is going to be uncomfortable for wearing. Any which way this is something geeky and has a different flavor to it so it featured here for a change.

Via: OhGizmo



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