Hor cartonnage ancient Egyptian mummy case restored with help of Lego bricks

So far we have seen Lego project that have been inspiring but this one is totally out of the box sort of Lego bricks usage. Restoring an Egyptian mummy case lying in the museum basement for around 50 years just with the help of Lego support is truly amazing as it amalgamated modern day art tool like Lego bricks with age old history. Brainchild of Cambridge University engineering student David Knowles aged 22, the design of internal Lego frames for the support of Hor mummy case (after conservation work) from around 10th Century BC is one intuitive idea to work on.

After being discovered in an excavation the mummy case went through a very torrid time owing to impact of weather over such a long duration and to restore it back expert help from a structural engineer like David was the need of the hour. For restoration a structure was needed that could safely hold the cartonnage and Lego bricks were the answer to this whole query. The pain staking operation involved many stages including the making of small custom shapes made from Lego fitted inside the case for support. In total six light weight Lego structure are placed inside the chest cavity and they will support it for decades as chances of decay are minimal. Apart from that padded platforms on top and bottom made sure that the whole structure didn’t collapse owing to the restoration process.

David who is keen Lego lover from his childhood days said that this project took weeks to complete but in the end the result was worth it as Hor catonnage is now on permanent display at Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge.

Via: BBC



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