Tilting and moving Tilt Displays developed to revolutionize 3D viewing

There are many kinds of 3D displays available out there and now a team of scientists, led by the University of Bristol, have surprised us with the development of a very unique type of a display composed of nine small panels, which not only move but also physically tilt along multiple axes. Dubbed the Tilt Displays, the nine panels of the display are capable of tilting individually on one or more axis or moving up and down vertically, and together they measure about half the size of a regular tablet, say iPad.

This means the Tilt Display on displaying videos move dynamically to change with the video, while displaying a landscape it would have the screens showing sky etc remain flat while the screens showing mountains and other contours rise relatively higher. The Tilt Display lets multiple users use the same display simultaneously, when two users use the display the 3 screens on either side tilt towards the user with the three screens in the centre remaining blank. When four users use the Tilt Display, each user has two screens tilted towards them with the one in the centre remaining blank.

The Tilt Displays for now is a three-screen by three-screen custom-built prototype and was presented at the MobileHCI 2012 in San Fransisco, USA.

Via: DiscoveryNews



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  1. Vice Squeezer says:

    3d displays.. strange concept.. bigger screens will have a wild affect.. mind blowing.. should set one up inside a stadium.. while a pro football game is playing.. ooh I can see it now..

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