Autographer is world’s first compact wearable camera with auto detect photography feature

When we talk of wearable technologies how we cannot expect a gadget like camera to be astray from this latest trend. Capturing your favorite shots is now going to be much more fun as Autographer, world’s first wearable camera will change the way we were accustomed to capture time in frozen frames. Boasting off a 136 degree eye view lens having 5 in-built sensors, this custom built 5 megapixel camera is beefed up with advanced algorithms that tell you the exact catchy moment when you should click a photo. This is done by calculating the changes in temperature, color, direction or any subject in front of the camera in motion or still. Autographer can be easily worn around your neck just like a locket so that whenever it detects a key moment for the shot, the picture is clicked automatically in single shot mode or continuous one which can be used to make a stop-frame video too.

More like a fish eye lens camera it has back-illuminated sensor that is made from glass for both robustness and precision shooting while in motion too. Autographer measures 37.4 x 90 x 22.9mm having a total weight of 58 grams with a battery inside that will get you through a whole day of shooting on single charge and the 8GB on-board storage ensures that you won’t be cramped for image space on frantic photography frenzy. The GPS feature makes sure that each shot you capture has the location details and the Bluetooth connectivity makes sure you can transfer favorite pictures instantly to a smartphone or any other compatible device.

Autographer will carry a price tag of £399 and the launch time is set for November 2012 which will surely create ripples in the gadget arena and we’ll surely have a review of this amazingly cool looking compact wearable camera at that time.

Via: PocketLint



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