Hiku simplifies your shopping by creating automatic lists in the cloud

It is a common occurrence that you forget to buy some important household item only to rue on later when you reach home. Rob Katcher and his unrevealed partner in Asia have invented a new product called Hiku which looks to simplify grocery shopping so that you never ever have to remember about the things you have to buy. The device connects to your home Wi-fi network and to add any item to your list of new shopping spree you just have to press the button to scan barcodes or record your voice. This data is then send to the cloud so that it can be accessed anywhere.

You just have to scan the barcodes and an automatic updating to your digital shopping list is done so that you have one less thing to worry in your busy life. The fully functional prototype is up for funding on Kickstarter and once it is pushed into production it will be assisted by a smartphone app compatible with iOS and Android or PC application too. Hiku has magnet back with soft touch which means you can hook it up to your fridge and the roundish stainless steel design is also easy to use even by a fifth grader.

# See how Hiku works

Via: AllThingsD



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