Nintoaster serves you crisp retro gaming toast with a twist

Nintendo gaming console and toaster have nothing in common that is until now. NES fanboys have been acquainted with this association between a toaster and NES console before as a toaster made from a NES console that makes crisp toasts. But now it is the other way around as another hard core NES fan has created a NES console from a toaster. [NintendoFreak] has created a Nintoaster which has a toaster that doesn’t serve crisp toasts; rather it has a slot right into the toaster to fit the game cartridge. Nearing completion the DIY project is going to have LEDs and the inspiration has been derived from the vomitsaw instructional video. To get the gaming frenzy going good the toaster has been fitted with 144 cartridge connector leads which were soldered and the leads for the connector fit right into AV jacks.

Bread lever is the system on/off switch and switch under the lever turns the red internal LEDs on and off while darkness knob adjusts the brightness of the LEDS. This thing surely looks cool and right out of the geek arena so enjoy more in the pictures below.



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