Pool table with hidden ping pong table top retracts into the ceiling

Having a ping pong and pool table in your home is can be the most lucrative thing but don’t you think having these two tables will take quite a lot of space? That is why [Lou] made a Ping Pong Table Topper which only takes the space for one pool table while the ping pong table topping sits right on top of the pool table when needed. To simplify things [Lou] made a section in the roof which retracts garage door at the touch of a button to lower the ping pong table topping smoothly onto the pool table using a motor operated system connected to two cables. Frankly speaking this is a very intuitive DIY for people who like to play indoor games with their pals over a jug of beer, so if are also into pool and ping pong this is the best DIY project you can take up.

In the video below you can learn how Lou manage to build the lowering system using very easy to find parts that are available anywhere.

Via: HackADay



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