Spastic Elastic Space Machine computer case mod is one futuristic looking desktop

As a part of the Case convention contest, Alexander has come up with his own version of a futuristic case mod that he calls the Spastic Elastic Space Machine and also look like one. The case has a unique aluminum profile and the introduction of cora radiators makes it uber cool on the inside as well as outside. The Hard Drive Case and decoupling with soundproofing Heatlane for the free transfer of heat to ensure it stays cool even on high intensity use. To give that high tech feel to the computer case corrugated stainless steel tube has been used for the side profiles, a piece of acrylic glass channels are made for the radiators and the DVD drive is mounted onto the side and the fan has been embedded with 3mm LED’s.

During a visit to the hardware store Alexander picked up a pump top for drills which provides new look for the LAING DDC-1 and in the dark with status light. The use of green Plexiglas for that distinct semi-transparent bright look gives this PC case a very cool look. The keyboard and mouse have also been draped in the same theme to create a complete package of futuristic looking PC case mod.

# Spastic Elastic Space Machine computer case mod in action



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