Microsoft Research’s Printed Dress with integrated technologies for sending and receiving Tweets

Wearable technologies are going to rule the roost in the coming years and Microsoft too has jumped into the bandwagon with their latest offering being showcased at New York Fashion Week. Called as Printed Dress which is one application of the trending wearable computing this high tech frock like dress developed by Asta Roseway, senior designer Microsoft Research and Martin Small from Xbox is made entirely from paper material stitched together to form a bodice, corset and skirt in attractive black and white colors. Now coming onto the technology factor it is draped in uber cool gear such as custom keyboard with keys resembling an old typewriter so that the wearer can type any message and tweet it.

Apart from that the Printed Dress has four Lily Pad Arduino microcontroller boards, USB hub, laptop, wire and short-throw projector that are used to display Tweets as well as create an interface for showing the typed-in text.

According to Steve Clayton of Microsoft:

All of the capability in this thing–or a lot of it I should say–is available in something like a smartphone right now. So we have tiny projectors, we have computing capability in very small devices so you could easily see something like this on the market in the next few years.

Via: Austin.Ynn/PopSop



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