World’s first bubblegum flavored mouthguards protect your teeth from getting knocked out

You definitely would never want your kid to have broken teeth, swollen lips or cracked jaws while playing rough sports like boxing, rugby, baseball, snowboarding etc. That is why we have the good old mouthguards to ensure maximum protection but kids don’t like them much and would want to avail any chance of getting them out of their mouth when you are not around. For this very reason MoGo Sport has invented a new kind of mouthguards that kids would want to have in their mouth even when they are not fighting it out in the ring!

The bubblegum flavored mouthguards provide the standard protection that any good mouthguard would give to your teeth while having the added goodness of lemon, mint, orange, bubblegum and fruit punch flavor always lingering in your mouth. MoGo mouthguards are available for online purchase in US for the price of $11.99 which is quite economical considering the kind of protection it will provide to your young budding sportsman’s teeth. Whereas if you live in other international locations MoGo mouthguards are available via distributers including Sport Access in France, Jucalo in Japan, and Beyond Sports in Australia and New Zealand.

Via: SpringWise



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