Jet-powered bodyboard will provide hastened rescue operations and water sports fun

When it comes to rescuing people on the beaches time is of the essence and if bodyguards are equipped with a fast means of riding the waves on their own then it would make a huge difference. A California designer Jason Woods has created the Kymera Rescue Board that has an electric motor powered by lithium ion battery pack that is capable of carrying around its rider on the waves for around an hour’s time. Providing such type of mobility in a bodyboard gives much more flexibility in rescue missions and also reduces the overall cost as it can be a worthy replacement for bulky boats and jet skis. Although Jason is reluctant to give any details of the drive system used in this jet-powered bodyguard, he revealed that initially it was powered by ordinary fuel.

The electric motor used can speed up to around 18 miles per hour and Jason is also developing a propane-powered model that would reach up to 25 mph. the board will come in size options of 5’6’ with 5 hp propane engine or 2kW electric motor, whereas the 6’6’ is going to sport a 10 hp propane engine or 3.5 kW electric motor. If things go well in the development stage we can expect to see Kymera Rescue Board by summer next year priced at around US $5,000.

# Kymera Rescue Board in action

Via: Gizmag



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