Sneak-peak of the Limited Edition Tonino Lamborghini TL700 Smartphone

For most of us buying a Lamborghini may be a dream unattended and maybe even one that will end in the rust. But at least you can buy something that has the Lamborghini brand name to boast-off, a smartphone perhaps. Lamborghini has revealed its latest Limited Edition smartphone that has thumping power inside just like its automotive counter-part. The Lamborghini TL700 Tonino Smartphone is perfect combination of technology meeting style and design to die for and not to forget the luxury credential associated to this premium brand. Having a 3.7 inch touch panel, Android operating system, built-in 2GB RAM, 4GB external memory (expandable to 32 GB), wireless connectivity, four hours of GSM Talk time and 150 hours of standby time; this smartphone is for the rich collectors.

Although you might be thinking that you can get better smartphones with much more memory, storage space and other features, but hey, as I said owning a Lamborghini brand is an achievement of a lifetime, so you might want to consider buying it. The price tag of $2,810 is on the higher side for this smartphone and only 650 of these will be there for purchase, so you better make up your mind on burning your pockets to ashes!



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