Life size Bumblebee Transformer created from automobile parts by Chinese artist

Have a look at this life-size Bumblebee Transformer replica measuring 6.5 meters (around 21 feet) made purely from automobile parts created by a Xiamen (southeast China’s Fujian Province) artist with help from his friends to show off his love for the Transformer series. Chen Xiaodong hand-built the whole thing from three salvaged cars and other automotive parts in three months with the final touches of bright yellow paint completing the realist look. This Bumblebee replica weighs around 4-5 tons and is equipped with cannon made from washing machine drum although it doesn’t fire any cannon balls as there are no Decepticons around in real life situation.

Chen has spent more than 110,000 Yuan on building this whole thing with almost 100,000 Yuan out of that being expended on the material needed to make it. Interestingly the Bumblebee has been sold to an unrevealed client and will be shipped to Tangshan on 29th September. Chen says that next on his drawing board is the Optimus Prime Transformer and he’ll start work on it soon, so you better watch out for that one too.

# Comparison of the real Bumblebee Transformer and the one build by Chen

Via: WhatsOnXiamen/Xinhuanet



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