Whenever the doorbell rings you’ll get a SMS text to keep informed of any visitor

It can be an embarrassing situation when someone rings your doorbell for quite some time and you are not able to hear it because either you are in the backyard or listening to loud music? This can be an embarrassing situation especially if it the person happens to be someone important. The solution to this problem is to hook up your wireless doorbell to the internet which then results in a SMS message being said to your phone. This DIY project initiated by Martin shows you how to get this functionality and receive a SMS message every time someone rings your doorbell, thereby making sure you are informed of any visitor at your door no matter what.

The trick is to stuff the doorbell with Funky sensor and some nifty coding which interrupts the circuit sending a transmission to Emoncms (open source software kit for monitoring energy usage). Martin has plans to mass produce this thing but for now you can make one for your home by following his blog.



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