Top Load NES steampunk console for that vintage gaming goodness

Charm of the good old NES-101 lying in your cabinet will never die no matter how advanced the gaming consoles of modern day become. Probably for this very reason Reddit user Andrew modded an old NES gaming console into a new Steampunk look which is quite impressive. The inspiration behind this project was his nephew’s love for the NES-101 gaming console and Steampunk things, and so came into existence this cool looking Steampunked Nintendo console made from a steel sub-frame that is also known as Top Load NES.

For the steampunkish look copper sheet is used and aluminum sheet along the curved sides of the NES. Other add-ons were bought from home Depot, Plumbing fittings, copper tubing for a ice maker and some closet door hardware. All the details of how to make your own Steampunked NES gaming console are available at Imgur so you better have a look to have a good DIY project under your project this weekend.

Via: OhGizmo/UberGizmo



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