Come 2014 and Snake Robots will repair plane engines saving time and effort

Keeping track of various parameters inside a jet engine is not an easy task and right now machines do
the job of monitoring air pressure, temperature and vibration by means of diagnostic algorithms making sure there is nothing left unattended as millions worth of machinery and human life is at stake. Keeping this in mind engineers at Rolls-Royce and General Electric are hard at developing devices called Snake Robots (also referred to as viperoid machines) measuring around half an inch in diameter capable of repairing any problems in plane engine which are planned for release in 2014. The Snake Robots will be wirelessly controlled by an expert technician and hooked onto the engine itself ready to set into action as soon as some problem is diagnosed inside the engine like telesurgery.

There is need for such kind of robotic infused technical repair because right now if there is some problem in the inside components of a jet engine the only solution is to dismantle the engine and repair it manually. However with use of such robotic crawlers would solve this very imminent problem thereby saving time and effort.

Via: TheAtlantic



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