Musical dentist drill with disco lights to ease away all the dreaded pain

Don’t you ever wish that tomorrow never comes especially if you have make a much needed trip to the dentist with the constant fear of that lingering unbearable pain haunting you in dreams? I’m sure you’ve had those kinds of nightmares in your childhood or maybe right now in your adulthood too. To overcome this very painful predicament in anticipation and during the procedure Dhanni Gustiana (creative practitioner) has developed a new kind of song-playing drill equipment which was devised during his dental procedure practice at Indonesian Dental Surgery in Purworjo. The trick is to create a placebo effect of a good mood environment taking patient’s mind away from the pain that is encountered during dental procedures.

To do this he modified dentist drill to play music courtesy the MP3 player fitted inside the drill and eliminating the drilling sound that is associated with dental surgery procedures. To take this customization a notch higher there is an option of playing favorite music while the surgery is being performed and disco lights to enhance the effect. The whole modding procedure cost him around £370 and the end result is very satisfying.

Via: Metro



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