Full Color Solitaire with 25 cards in a suit will change traditional methods of playing cards

Do you know there are almost 1000 different ways to play solitaire with a universal set of playing cards and the playing methods with the fundamental design of the game haven’t changed much for almost 200 years since it was first invented? However, now it is all set to change as David Mahon with his Full Color Solitaire featuring two part card system, Full Color Gaming System and Full Color Cards changes the whole perspective of playing cards. The traditional solitaire game has 13 cards in a suit while this new revolutionary method of playing gives you the liberty of playing with 13, 16, 19, 22 and 25 cards per suit in beginner, intermediate, advanced, master and genius levels respectively. The game can be played in 8 different variants including Full Color Free Cell, Golf, Klondike Draw1, Klondike Draw 2, Pyramid, Spider 1 Suit, Spider 2 Suit, Spider 3 Suit or Spider 4 Suit depending on your choice.

Unlike the traditional card system having three part card system of suits, rank and class the new one has two part card system with just suits and ranks which increases the number of possibilities and challenges while playing solitaire in a whole new way.

According to Mahon:

Once you remove the face cards, you actually open up all the mathematical possibilities to make the games become exponential and when you make them exponential and you are able to keep them in the same familiar formats that people are used to playing in, and you use those existing skill sets that people already have, you begin to truly create a brand new way to play all of your favorite games.

The project is up for funding on Kickstarter platform and to learn more about this interesting Full Color Solitaire game playing rules and the possibilities it brings to the table watch this video below.



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