Pegaso RV luxury superyacht doubles as marine research laboratory

Luxury superyacht can be more than just your getaway to an exotic weekend’s holiday trip with the sun shining down and view of the most exotic islands anywhere you look. Yes, it’s true, they can be a perfect setting for performing research projects with scientists aboard and the opportunity to work with them and make your getaway trip into one that proved fruitful in terms of your involvement with the research. RV Pegaso (research vessel) is superyacht with fully-equipped high-end marine laboratory measuring 73.6 meters that can carry a team of 12 scientists on board along with the usual guests who demand nothing but the best in luxury. Fitted with the latest technology for tracking endangered marine life and collecting data on the water pollution level this superyacht also boast-off a five person submarine (world’s first privately owned driver-lockout sub) weighing 14 tons which can travel 170 meters underwater to perform deep water missions.

To train the guests on-board for deep underwater diving missions there is a plethora of equipment including high-quality oxygen producing machine and it even has a helicopter landing pad just in case there is need for emergency medical help. The identity of the owner who is a seasoned diver and ocean preservation enthusiast is kept secret and this research vessel is a result of his craving for both luxury travel and scientific research. Apart from all the latest tech savvy equipment Pegaso RV (managed by Pegaso Marine company) has six double bedrooms and of course the exotic meals and other treatments like massages that one is accustomed to on a luxury yacht.

Via: Edition.Cnn



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