Robotic calligrapher that can be a useful medical surgeon when needed

There is a constant evolution in the robotics arena for developing interactive robots that can do every damn job with the same precision as we humans are accustomed to. In the same league are the robots which can assist in medical procedures for saving human life and you wouldn’t be surprised to know that a robot that has the exactitude of a painter as it goes on impersonating the strokes of a calligrapher. According to Seiichiro Katsura, associate professor of system design engineering at Keio University the robot is capable of painting brush strokes with amazing control and the exact pressure, just as a painter would do on the canvas.

The robot was shown off at CEATEC 2012 tech fair, Tokyo and it impressed the tech lot no doubting. Interestingly one of the inspirations for developing this robot was the fear of extinction of surgical skills not passing down the generations due to aging population in Japan. Now the application of this robot could be very decisive in complex medical surgeries requiring millimeter perfect action. Apart from that this robot can come in handy for getting the canvas painted in cool art form too.

Via: JapanToday



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