Hop automatic moving suitcase follows you wherever you go

What would be the next step in evolution of a suitcase? A self-driven one which follows its user at the airport so that one has to never ever bother about lost luggage. Rodrigo Garcia has invented prototype version of a suitcase called Hop that follows its user wherever he/she goes. The design is intuitive and it also made to final leg of James Dyson Award purely because of its application in the various situations like if you have lost your suitcase and if it happens to be the Hop, you will find it in no time. Boosted with three build-in sensors which triangulate position of the user’s mobile phone which is sending signals via an app, Hop suitcase automatically starts to follow the user. Movement of the suitcase is actuated by a microcontroller which provides input for the caterpillar system having compressed air.

Just in case the signal is lost the suitcase locks itself and the user is alerted for the same via vibration. One can program the suitcase to follow another suitcase or controlled by the operating staff at an airport or any other public location. This would eliminate the need for complex systems at airport that can be time consuming. The product is right now in prototype development stage and we can soon expect to see it in production, so we’ll have you updated as and when it happens.

# Hop hop it won’t get lost come what may

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