Sormina musical instrument with wireless support to produce music in MIDI format

It’s high time you do away with your lame old musical instruments as the new age is going to be dominated by ones that have wireless connectivity. We present to you the Sormina, which is an electronic instrument designed by Juhani Raisanen for the sole purpose of combining traditional musical instrument material with the goodness of technology like wireless support. Sormina is easy to hold in your hand just like a violin but has the goodness of any modern day electronic instrument that can produce electronic sounds and visual output too with the help of wireless connectivity.

The instrument is capable of producing melodies by the user’s input in the way of rolling by fingers of each hand and this data is then send to a computer which converts them to MIDI format and outputs the sound. Sormina has its own sound software and video software which gives the user freedom to produce music that is never heard before.

Via: SynthTopia



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