Smartphone controlled Velo electric bicycle embedded with high-end wireless technology

Just like a high end luxury sedan or sports car wouldn’t it be great if you had a bicycle integrated with latest technology? That is why Velo (urban mobility company) is developing and electric bicycle which can be customized for rider’s preferred settings of gear ratios, level of assistance, object sensing for collision avoidance, adaptive routing for efficient commuting or even social integration to connect with buddies. Targeted primarily for urban commuters the electric bicycle is a much cheaper, sustainable and efficient means of transportation in crowded cities as well as rugged terrain on the outskirts.

All the vital functions of Velo bicycle can be controlled by your smartphone mounted on the front handle and equipped with a touch sensitive throttle for variable feedback, 450W geared hub motor, wireless brakes to assist in traffic conditions and torque sensors which all are dependent on an open source microcontroller and actuator system. Other than that ambient light sensing strobe, speedlifter foldable handlebars, electroluminescent paint trim and carbon belt drive make sure the rider is safe on the road no matter what. Velo has a battery capable of taking you 30 miles and back without the need for charging and the collapsible pedals and handlebars for parking in constricted spaces.

Velo fitness app will make sure that you can adjust resistance levels and schedule workout regimes, while it also doubles as a routing guide so that you are always on the way to your destination and never lost.

# Sneak peak of all the technology components of Velo eBike

Via: GadgetOse



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