Concrete clothing by Ivanka debuted at the Paris Fashion Week 2012

The concept of concrete fashion is here folks and it’s not going to budge an inch as it turns eye balls in the designer fashion world. Ivanka, Budapest-based concrete design company has forayed into realms of the fashion industry with their latest Concrete Genezis collection shown off at the 2012 Paris Fashion Week. Developed after two years of deep rooted research on how to retain the softness of the fabric while making it look concrete hard, Ivanka managed to come up with a new kind of textile that caricaturists the look of industrial material. Designers Katalin Ivanka and Andras Ivanka got motivated after seeing clothing dipped in concrete and then dried to retain that very roughed up look.

One thing noticeable in the collection is the architectural influence with sharp angles of the collars or the exposed seaming in the accessory line and also the color palette which is in grey to brown shades. The collection consists of apparels, rectangular clutch bags and cases for iPads/Macbooks which have concrete fabric in combination with complimentary leather. Playing with the contracting features of concrete and soft fabric, this collection ably shows how the cross gender fashion phenomenon is ruling the roost these days.

Via: Yatzer



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