SolePower charges your mobile phone as you walk or run

This is the era of modernization in conjunction with energy conservation and looking for alternative sources of energy no matter how meager they are. Project Olympus gave a sneak peak at their latest concept named SolePower for charging phones developed by Matt Stanton from Rich Bucks County and Hahna Alexander from Ithaca New York. The device is no bigger than an orthotic insect having micro-motors that spin when the person wearing the shoe walks or runs, charging the cell phone or any other battery operated gadget. The main aim of this project is to reduce dependency on batteries or power grids by having a portable source for energy anywhere anytime you want.

Current prototype of SolePower (your walking powered phone charger) can easily fit inside any shoe without hampering the comfort level or disturbing the shoe’s aesthetics to produce 2 watt per step, per shoe of power every time you walk. The water-resistant system converts mechanical energy into electrical energy and provides constant power output even if you are stationary as it stores the energy in its small form factor. The project has been brought to Kickstarter for funding, in case you like the idea you can choose to back the project and see it for real soon,

# Sole Power technology at work

Via: Post-gazette



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