Functional miniature cardboard turntable accompanying Canadian DJ Kid Koala’s new 12 bit Blues album is cool


As strange as it may sound musicians these days are looking for ways to make their music sells, amidst all the piracy on the web. Canadian DJ Kid Koala is one such musician who has come up with his unique way of selling his album titled 12 bit Blues by bundling a make-your-own cardboard turntable kit. Interestingly once you put together this DIY cardboard turntable together it can play the album record without any glitches uninterrupted. This limited edition miniature working turntable will have a speaker and gramophone too which is sure fire damn geeky.

Apart from this the package will contain three bonus tracks in a flexidisc which you can play by rotating the disk by hand which brings some old memories back from the old times when the gramophones were operated by hand and toy-building activities were dominant. This way of selling music clearly emphasis on the importance and essence of having physical music format, rather than downloading it off the internet illegally.


Via: SpringWise



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