3D printed rocket engine paves way for future manufacturing methods

Having a rocket powered engine is not something common and only a few can afford the costs involved but this is where 3D printing comes to your rescue by reducing the cost of producing rocket engine. The reasons for such mind-numbing costs include the complex engine system that need to be optimally build for taking on the intense heat and this involves very complicated welding and machining process. However 3D printing looks to simplify all this by manufacturing rocket engines at much much lower costs. Rocket Moonlighting is on a quest to 3D print a rocket engine using the Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) process in stainless steel with the operating fuel being propane and the oxidizer NO2.

Looks like the new age of manufacturing techniques dominated by 3D printing is here as this entrepreneuring project will definitely revolutionize the way rocket engines will be produced as compared to the earlier techniques involving huge labor, material and most of all time requirements. According to Rocket Moonlighting the cost of producing rocket engine using 3D printing will be dependent on the volume of finished product so that means the smallest one will have the maximum price.

Via: 3Ders/HackADay



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