Classic Wrecks: Salvaged retro car mini replicas for avid car collectors

Miniature versions of cars are the most fascinating things around and the time spend in making one requires utter patience, attention to detail and a sharp eye to carve all the nifty little curves. Normally one would want a miniature replica of a sports car or a supercar but what if someone makes miniature car replicas of four wheelers that have been biting the dust for decades? At first instance it may seem a bit weird but having the miniature version of your salvaged vehicle that has not seen the open roads for quite some time is surely cool. John Findra from South Carolina has been making the beaten-up, rusted version of cars for few years now and his new art form has taken a profound liking amongst junkies so much so that he has opened an online store called Classic Wrecks for selling these ugly looking salvaged miniature cars.

Findra’s got anything you can ask for that is car, miniature and wrecked; ranging from 1930 Ford panel van, Datsun Z-car to a Ram SRT-10. Degree of weathering of replicas depends on the way you want it look for example a parked vehicle in a swamp or a wrecked vehicle parked for years on the side of a deserted highway. You can find a wide variety of classic wrecked vehicles and also custom requested replicas which sell for $65 to $75 a piece.

Classic Wrecks 1970-71 Pontiac GTO 1 by 24 scale

Classic Wrecks 1958 Chevrolet Impala 1 by 24 scale model car

Classic Wrecks 1955 Chevy Bel air 1 by 24 scale model car

Classic Wrecks 1930s Ford panel van delivery truck 1 by 24 scale model car

Classic Wrecks 1956 Ford 1 by 24 scale model car pickup truck

Classic Wrecks 1940 Ford 1 by 24 scale model car

Classic Wrecks 1955 Chrysler 300 1 by 24 scale model car

Classic Wrecks Ford Mustang in 1 by 24 scale car

Classic Wrecks 1964-65 Ford Mustang 1 by 24 scale model car

Classic Wrecks 1961 Chevrolet impala 1 by 24 scale model car

Classic Wrecks 1980s Camaro IROC 1 by 24 scale abandoned black race car

Classic Wrecks 1969 Plymouth Barracuda 1-24 model car

Classic Wrecks 1930s Ford 1-24 scale model rat rod car

Via: AutoWeek



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