BIQ self-sustainable house uses live micro algae bred inside bio-adaptive facades

Today is the era of self-sustainability and the concept of greener living is fantasizing people across the globe like never before. With designers and the best brains across the globe striving for completely self-sustainable habitats capable of producing their own power needs, the bar has been raised so to say. The world’s first ever bio-adaptive walls for BIQ zero-energy house is under construction in preparations for the International Building Exhibition (IBA) in Hamburg. Having algae housed inside bio-reactor panels that grow when sunlight falls on it thereby producing internal shading and producing biomass that can be harvested and also trap solar heat for source of energy.

The algae growing inside the glass louvers provides for a renewable source of energy and according to Arup (design research head) photosynthesis is the one providing solar shading. The bio-reactor concept is developed in conjunction with SSC Strategic Science Consult, Germany and shading louvers are fabricated by Colt International, Germany. The BIQ house will be complete in 2013 and boast-off customizable apartments that can be tweaked with the touch of a button.

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