Mammoth Rewarron – World’s biggest RC car monster trophy truck replica with a powerful engine

So you are passionate about rally car racing especially the trophy truck leauge and at the same time obsessed with RC cars then here is something that will blow away your mind. The world’s biggest and first ever 1:3 scale model RC car called Mammoth Rewarron is here with a bang and it surely packs a punch while riding rough tarmac thanks to the custom made components by team Mammuth. Weighing more than 100 kg and having a huge size of 1850mmx900mmx750mm for a RC car, Mammoth Rewarron has the power of 110cc four stroke engine with one cylinder producing 6.5 horsepower, 7 Nm torque and 70 km/hour top speed which is superb. For riding the dirt filled tracks it has custom double oil filled shocks and a two sided telemetry system powered by Mesh Data Systems.

The touch screen controller having adjustable brake balance, adaptive steering, ABS with adjustable and traction control along with the heavy duty Mammoth Servos make sure this RC Trophy Truck beast is as good as the real one when it comes to hard core speed racing on rugged tracks. Just about everything in this trophy truck RC car is custom made right from the body frame, chassis, suspension, differential or driving system. At this point in time the Mammoth Rewarron project is in prototype stage and to push it into mass production stage team Mammuth has put it up on a funding portal with £10,000 goal amount.

# Mammoth Rewarron riding the rough dirt laden tracks with utmost ease

# Mammuth Rewarron first test

# Mammuth Rewarron testing stages

Via: GearPatrol



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