LightCloud lamp with built-in computer and WiFi connectivity for infinite lighting applications

If you though a lamp is only good for lighting up your room in a color you like the most then think again with LightCloud just around the corner. Loaded with fifty-two LEDs in two million colors for an infinite options on patterns and animations powered by a computer and WiFi connectivity makes LightCloud the most irresistible lamp out there. The lamp can communicate with other devices to gives you unlimited options on it can be used for various applications for example if you connect it to weather update web app then it will throw grey light as soon as there are signs of rain approaching or glow streaks of yellow in case there are chances of storm lightning in your area. The possibilities are limitless and you can integrate the functionality of this lamp to suit your needs.

All the integrated power of this lamp allows one to synchronize LightCloud with electronic books, music, broadcasts or internet streams for functionality that could earlier be not possible due to the limitations embarked. LightCloud is connected to a small but powerful computer running Linux allowing it to run sophisticated applications and the internet connectivity allows it to interact via smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Being developed by an Australian team the lamp will be up on Kickstarter platform to accumulate the funds to push it into production and if it makes through the funding stage we can expect to see LightCloud sell for $99 apiece.



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