Portal Pumpkin DIY for this geeky Halloween

Halloween is nearing fast and we’ll surely be seeing some interesting props and geeky stuff around. This Portal Pumpkin is surely going to amaze on-lookers as it guards Neil Fraser’s front door who build this prop from a huge pumpkin. Standing on three legs this high tech pumpkin turns on its turret able to turn left or right and up or down with ease. Just as a real Portal this one has gun mounts on each side which are actuated by a small motor, system of gears and cams. According to Neil it wasn’t easy to setup all the electronic bits and mechanical gear inside a slimy slippery pumpkin but he managed to do it with attention to detail all the time he was building it.

The guns have a limited field of view with a very imbalanced look just as in the Portal and looks like tipping over any moment. But who cares at least it will turn some eyeballs this Halloween as people pass by on the street.

Via: Neatorama



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