Hug and Dream Minnie Mouse doll induces sound dozing off sans any sleeping pills

We all have those dreadful nights when the sleep gods don’t want us to sleep even if we keep our eyes closed and try to tumble and twist in the hope of traversing into mysterious dreamy world. The harder you try to sleep the worse it gets as you anticipate sleep but it doesn’t come! This can be really frustrating and spoil your routine for the next couple of days affecting everything from home tasks to work performance in the office. To solve this widespread problem of insomnia a new solution that goes by the name Hug and Dream Minnie Mouse doll created by Japanese scientists headed by Ikuo Honma (expert in cognitive and respiratory sciences at Shōwa University), in association with Disney is making all the news. Yes you heard it right a doll that you can hug and be assured that within minutes you’ll be lost in the dreamy world.

The doll is fitted with realistic breathing mechanism that actually calms you down too as you hug it, making you feel very relaxed and unconsciously the user hugging this doll also matches slow breathing patterns thereby ensuring sleep induced sans any sleeping pills. if you also want one to get over with your sleeping woes the doll will cost you around ¥ 3,764 (approximately $50) on Amazon at discounted price.

Via: Excite/RocketNews



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