World’s first digital photo frame having 3G communication ability

World’s first ever digital photo frame with 3G communication prowess is here courtesy PhotoVision TV SoftBank 202HW. Having a 9.0 inch LCD display TFT screen with 480×800 resolution, the photo frame has support for major image, video and audio file formats. This digital photo frame can record television programs onto a SD card and you can watch them in your bathroom or kitchen without any worries because it is has water-proof battery (1.5 hours running time) and body make. There is a remote control too bundled with the photo frame for laid back enjoyment of digital content from your bath tub for example.

Measuring 231.4×159.1×23.5 mm and weighing mere 728 g this digital photo frame will be available in two color options black or white when it will be finally up for purchase in December 2012.

Via: GuideMe



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