Reloop Tape is a cool tool for every DJ and music enthusiast out there

Reloop has created a very intuitive tool for recording new live mixes on the go to share with friends or online in a very retro design of the good old mixtape. Perfect for DJ’s around the world and amateur music composers the Reloop Tape lets you record music by either connecting your USB drive, mixer cable or input cable. The recordings are done in digital MP3 format and once you transfer it to your USB drive it can be shared with whom so ever you want to. There is a phono/line switch having a GND grounding post, digitalizing your vinyl classics in a jiffy.

If you have mixers with separate record output Reloop Tape can be connected via a smart thru port that routes the signal to amplifier or speakers. To indicate connection, power and input levels there are LED lights to keep track of the transfer status or the status of connected devices. Reloop Tape will be available by January 2013 for the price of £90 so all you DJ’s and music junkies better keep an eye open.

# What exactly Reloop Tape is

Via: DJWorks



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