noPhoto intelligent license plate jams traffic camera flash to avoid speeding and red light tickets

While commuting through the intense city traffic you are bound to lose your temper and jump a red light or overdo the speed limit by just a whisker which is enough to get you a speeding ticket. But now you can avoid any speeding or red light violation tickets once the noPhoto microprocessor controlled smart license plate frame gets into the production stage if the project achieves the funding goal on Indiegogo crowd funding platform. Equipped with a high end piece of equipment that in a way jams the flash fired by traffic camera to take a picture of your number plate, noPhoto in turn fires a sequence of its own xenon flashes to over-expose the traffic camera image. This fools the traffic camera into shooting the image with incorrect settings, resulting an image that is too bright to see the license plate.

noPhoto works on the basic principle of photography called exposure and uses it intelligently with perfect timing to render the image shot by the traffic camera over-exposed and therefore virtually impossible to be recognized. Now you might be wondering that is this thing going to be legal? Well, then the answer is yes because there is nothing physically covering or obscuring the license plate, the noPhoto does not violate any license plate cover laws.

Once it hits the market noPhoto smart license plate is going to be priced at around $350 which is worth a shot if you are a speed demon who wants to hit the roads just like in Need for Speed Hot Pursuit game jamming the traffic cameras. Although I wish this thing should only be used to get over speeding tickets or red light jumps that were too close to call. All speculations apart enjoy this thing in the video given below and be amazed.



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  1. Ricky Peters says:

    Don’t traffic cameras take a video also? I am not sure this will work.

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