WizDish omni-directional platform for enhanced virtual reality locomotion in small spaces

While playing role playing games or first person shooters the more simulated gaming environment you get the better experience it is for you. Head mounted displays provide a very good virtual reality experience and the next step in this ongoing VR experience is the real walking around in your gaming environment. There have been things like omni-directional treadmills which are expensive as well as impractical for home usage but now Julian Williams looks to change it with his virtual reality locomotive device called WizDish.

Having no moving parts and small concave disk like form factor the device mimics walking with a skating motion in any direction once the user puts on special shoes called WizShoe. Under development for quite a few years now WizDish is aimed at creating a fully immersive virtual reality experience not only for gaming but also for other virtual reality applications too. WizDish is made in such a way that you can perform a walking motion with utmost ease and any unwanted fatigue, while the sensors in it emulate the in screen motion perfectly with the ability to detect a jump, crouching or running action too.

Via: RoadToVR



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