Socks that will never wear out thanks to military grade Kevlar carbon matrix material

What is the primal reason to replace your socks and buy new ones? They have small hoes, drooping fabric or worn out bottoms because of frequent wearing. Now wouldn’t it be great if you wear a pair of socks that never ever worn out no matter how frequently you wear them in any kind of environment? Surely that would be cool and for this very reason Socrates socks are up for crowd funding on Kickstarter and by the look of things will achieve the funding goal easily so you can expect to wear the cleverest socks ever in the coming months. Made from military grade Kevlar-Carbon Matrix which is flexible and incredibly comfortable these socks will never let you down as they are specially tailored for casual or business attire.

On the top the Socrates socks have military spec elastic, Lycra freshFX fabric with anti-droop technology in the middle half, carbon threaded heel and Kevlar-carbon matrix toes to make sure your socks stay the same forever without the need to replace them. Once it is available for purchase the socks will come in two designs: Attica and Xeno which are compatible with current fashion trends.



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