Coffee Table Computer mod has inside CPU components all visible

Won’t it be a great idea to sip coffee, watch TV and work on your desktop computer while hanging your boots lying flat on your couch? Definitely sounds like a good idea and maybe that is what prompted one laid back geek to construct a Coffee Table Computer for his living room. Made completely at home this coffee table has the display fitted inside the top panel which retracts back down when not in use. There is ample space for you to keep the keyboard and mouse while the cool looking CPU is fitted on the side with a see through panel which makes it very geeky and uber cool.

The computer is powered by a i5 3570k 3.4 GHz processor having 16GB RAM, ASUS P8 Z77-VLK Motherboard Gigabyte Nvidia GTX 550Ti 1GB video card H100 with all in one liquid cooling and 128GB Solid State Hard drive space which is enough to store your digital data.

Via: TecheBlog



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