Bike Boat can ride the roads and traverse open waters with ease

Whether you like riding your bike or sailing the waters in a boat, both are activities that help you keep in shape and to top it off they are proponents of zero-emission commuting. Thankfully the Bike Boat is here to give you the pleasure of riding a bicycle and rowing a boat all in one with a removable fiberglass hull when you don’t need the boat function. The light weight oars can be used when you want to traverse the open waters and when you need to ride the three wheeled bike the extra bits can be removed easily in a jiffy. Bike Boat is currently in prototype stage undergoing intense testing to improve the functionality even further.

Made from stainless steel hardware in an all-aluminum frame which is powder-coated the Bike Boat weighs just 60 lbs. while the wheels have twin front disk brakes driven by stainless steel chain.

# Bike Boat in action



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