Chat Perf: Device that can send smells from your iPhone for a sniffing frenzy

So what do the modern day smartphones lack and one would say probably nothing that comes to mind. But wait a minute can your hi-fi smartphone send smell just like you are able to send files via Bluetooth! You would say that it isn’t practically possible but don’t count against the innovative brain bits of application and accessory developers for smartphones. Chaku Perfume Co. Ltd. is not an application developer or smartphone accessory maker but surely they have come up with an iPhone accessory and the bundled application that lets you transfer smell from one iPhone to the other. A new communication device called Chat Perf that can send smells across the cloud in cyber space is the new buzz because of its capabilities to exchange smells from one iPhone fitted with Chat Perf device with an atomizer and smell tank to another one having the same device.

The applications of such a smell sending device could be endless for example a smell tank that has the particular aroma of a place you loved, smell from the body odor of a rock star who is performing on the stage and you can feel the intensity of the performance, smell from the aromatic dishes of a famous restaurant, a pleasant smell from a flower garden that your lover just adores or perhaps the signature smell of a perfume that got you high. The possibilities with Chat Perf are endless and once it is available for purchase for iPhone users this intuitive device will surely get everyone smelling around the block.

Via: RocketNews



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